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We offer a wide variety
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Smart city technology allows city officials to interact directly with both community and city infrastructure to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services

Our effective parking management system for smart city is an essential tool to facilitate the efficient use of road space and to ensure free passage for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, and motorists. In addition, appropriate parking fees can ensure that personal motor vehicle users compensate the city for the use of valuable land on which they park their vehicles.

It is well managed to access and map the status of parking slots from any remote location through web browser. Our designed automatic smart parking system which is simple, economic and provides effective solution to reduce carbon footprints in the atmosphere.

Features in smart city parking solutions.

Self registration with OTP validation.

E-wallet created automatically.

E-wallet top-up through multiple payment gateway option.

Top-up reconciliation process.

Pay parking fee & parking fine & refund.

Customer mobile app.

View map view – empty parking slot.

The smart parking management solution makes parking management ease in shopping mall. Smart parking system will provide current parking availability status for vehicle owners. This will be very helpful in saving the time and a lot of efforts for finding a space to park the vehicle,. And this information is also available to the parking operators to determine the free parking areas, and statistics can be measured at different times in a day on each parking space.

Using smart parking system the availability of spaces could be displayed in your mall entry so that drivers will always aware of whether there are free spaces are not.

Features in mall parking solutions

Complete backup mechanism with data control devise management.

System enabled multiple parking areas management under one roof concept solutions.

Completely configurable system to configure, local storage, any brand of Boom barrier integration Parallel vehicle counting data, to evaluate in comparison with the ticketing data to control fraudulent transactions.

Optional IP camera integration to have a online viewable parking entry & exit’s, enabling video engineering.

Handheld device capability with centralize data storage, through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM / GPRS. Handheld device with RFID oriented, data control configurable systems with thermal printer outputs.

Boom barrier integration & made optional as part of the complete solution.

This parking management solution allows you to set up your policy and let employees make their reservations when they need a parking space or free up their space when they do not need it.

This digital solution allow you to manage the parking of all your sites centrally and to allow a simple circulation of your employees between your different parking lots according to their needs and movements and by optimizing their parking lots, companies avoid the waste of unused parking spaces, the costs of renting another parking lot, and the loss of employees due to their difficulties in finding a parking space near their office every morning.

Features in smart city parking solutions

Vehicle tracking parking slot utilization

System enabled multiple parking areas management under one roof concept solutions.

Lane wise parking slot utilization

Employee’s vehicle entry/exit marked in the system

Ensure smoother operations and data accuracy.

Unmanned parking

Digital board signage as well as Mobile app to identify the empty parking space

Save time due to real time data

Management information report

Day wise / Lane wise parking utilization

Vehicle wise utilization for the period

RFID tag mapped employee vehicles

We offer a wide variety
of services

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